10 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is a day when you want to be in your lover’s arm throughout the day and spend the whole day with them. Since Valentines Day 2019 is just around the corner  every couple is busy planning their day with their loved one. If you are couple that just wants to spend Valentines Day 2019 at home by your lovers side and watch movies with them.
Well there is no better way to celebrate Valentines Day 2019 than to relax and watch some romantic movies with your significant other. Since we are all about the celebration of love and romance we have compiled a list of 10 Romantic Movies to watch this Valentines Day 2019.

We have listed some of the best romantic Hollywood movies of all time in this article.

Romantic movies to watch this Valentine’s Day

1. Titanic: 

When we talk about classic romantic movies, Titanic is a name that instantly pops in ones mind. This 1997 romantic movie is one of the most watched romantic movies of all time. The story-line is based on the Titanic ship sinking incident. If you are looking for romantic movies to watch with your partner on Valentines Day 2019, Titanic would be an excellent choice.
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2. The Notebook: 

This movie based on the novel which goes by the same name is a romantic drama which you won’t want to miss watching with your better half. The story-line of the movie is based around the World War II era but unlike other WWII movies you won’t be seeing that much action, rather it is full of romance and drama. You should note the notebook down for Valentines Day 2019.

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3. When Harry met Sally: 

This classic flick portrays an unusual story where the girl and boy both get friend-zoned since both of them fear getting into a full fledged relationship and they think it may kill their friend and thus they try to not to get into an affair with each other. But they cannot control their emotions and end up falling for each other. Revered as one of the best romantic movies of all time you know you should watch it with your lover to set the mood this Valentines Day. A treat to watch with your soul mate.
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4. Love Actually: 

Love Actually is a story revolving around eight couples residing in England who try to deal with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas.A Romantic Winter flick like Love Actually is the perfect choice to watch on 14th February 2019.
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5. A Walk to Remember:

A story of two trouble making teens who come across each other during community service. The story depicts how the teens fall in love and help each other get out of trouble. A very emotional story....A Walk to Remember will make Valentines Day 2019 memorable for you.

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6.50 First Dates:

50 First Dates is a Romantic Comedy directed by Adam Sandler. The story-line of the movie revolves around a very nice young girl with amnesia who happens to catch the attention of a researcher who is temporarily staying on the girls home island. The storyline shows how the boy falls absolutely head over heels in love with the girl and he struggles to adapt to the girl medical condition. You should definitely watch 50 First Dates on 14th February 2019 with your soulmate .

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7. Hitch

Hitch is a hit Romantic Comedy which was released in 2005. The story is about a nerdy guys who seeks the help of a relationship coach to woo his boss ; who of course is totally out of his league. Hitch is definitely one to watch if you want to giggle and go aww while cuddling up with your loved one this valentines day.
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8. The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria is a very unusual romantic film which focuses on the romance in a long marriage. The story depicts how an arranged partnership turned into true love between the teen Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt) and her dashing first cousin. This movie is a perfect choice for you if you love to explore how the ones before us have loved. Make sure you watch on Valentines Day 2019

So plan to watch these movies with your better half and make this Valentine’s Day more special.
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