Valentines Day DateSheet

Valentine Day is observed on 14th February but it is a week long festival which starts with Rose Day on 7th February where people offer Roses to their loved ones. Below, we list the datesheet for the whole Valentine Week so that you can prepare beforehand for the Valentine Week or more precisely Valentine Day:

  1. 7th February – Rose Day
  2. 8th February – Propose Day
  3. 9th February – Chocolate Day
  4. 10th February – Teddy Day
  5. 11th February – Promise Day
  6. 12th February – Hug Day
  7. 13th February – Kiss Day
  8. 14th February – Valentine’s Day

Above was the Valentines Day Datesheet. But this is not the end. The next week after Valentine’s Day is the Breakup Week. Follow up in this article for the datesheet of the Breakup Week here: Valentines Breakup Week Datesheet