Valentines Day Celebration In India

In India the valentines day is celebrated with a great passion and very enthusiastically. The people finds the time in between their busy daily routine to celebrate this energetic event. The valentines day celebration in India is filled of social, cultural and traditional activities with a mixture of western culture. On this big occasion, all couples used to go to the malls for shopping, nearby famous places, cinema halls for enjoying movies, for long drive and any trip and so many. Specially red roses, jewellery or cards and gifts or greetings are offered by the couples when they propose to each other. Also this day is a great time for single youth to search for their partner, to propose him/her and be a nice couple forever.

At least a week earlier of the day, post offices become very busy to deliver the courier of flower, gift packages, romantic letters, greeting cards and so many things. It is not public or private holiday, it is the working day for all so, all the schools, colleges, offices, government and private organizations and institutions remains opened this day. But most people are enjoying to take leave from the workplaces to celebrate the Valentines Day. Greeting cards and gift packets are symbolized with the symbols of love such as red roses, angels, arrows, love birds, red hearts and etc. These symbols play a great role in bringing the couples together, increasing and strengthening their bond of love and friendship. Red color is everyone’s favorite color and deeply associated with the symbol of love and romance.
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Valentines Day is to be indicated as an event of love and romance and today it becomes a big event for everyone around the world and being celebrated by all groups of people. The valentines day is to be celebrated by the people to enjoy love and romance socially, culturally and traditionally. Love and romance encourages the couples to fulfill their desire, to feel something new in life, and people tries to start new life in lovely and romantic ways. In the begining, this day was started to be celebrated as the event of day for martyrs but with the modernization the tradition of valentines celebration has been changed as an event of love and romance.

Sending greetings for valentine was also popular in the Middle Ages as well and continues in the current time. It is the day for all such as girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, spouses, friends, first dates, families, 50th anniversaries or the one who is single and search for his love. People search some romantic and popular places in the nearby areas or far from their cities to celebrate their Valentine’s Day in special ways. They do not want to lose this annual opportunity from their life. Some enjoy horse riding, boat journey, bike riding, long car driving, dinner at popular places, street walking, honeymoon, multiplexes movies, get engaged or married and so many activities.