Valentines Breakup Week Datesheet

After Valentines Day celebration on 14th February, the valentines breakup week starts from the very next day. And it also goes long from 15th February to 21st February. Below, we list the datesheet for the Valentines Breakup week:

  1. 15th February – Slap Day
  2. 16th February – Kick Day
  3. 17th February – Perfume Day
  4. 18th February – Flirting Day
  5. 19th February – Confession Day
  6. 20th February – Missing Day
  7. 21st February – Break Up Day     

Above was the Valentines Breakup Week Datesheet. And this is the end of the valentines week. Follow up in this article for the datesheet of the Valentines Day Week here: Valentines Day Datesheet