Propose Day Celebration

The very next day after the Rose Day of Valentines week is the Propose Day celebration on 8th February,2015. There are many ways to propose, but the best way to propose your partner is when you plan something unique and special in your own way. In most of the cases, it’s the men who propose and the women who go blurry eyed and runny nosey. If you’re in the mood to propose and go down on one knee, say a few words and wait for your girlfriend to go all misty eyed and blind for a few seconds, and remember those lines you said, and recount it to every walking-talking thing with ears, you need to plan how to propose to your girlfriend keeping all the details in mind. Everywhere you see, there may be different proposal ideas. A hill top, on a trip, by the seaside, a ring in a champagne glass, etc and etc.

Of course, you know your lover better than any manual, don’t you think? Here are a few things that you should know before you propose to your partner. And nope, I have no proposal ideas for you. I’m just going to make you think your own way into the perfect and unique proposal.

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Plan Activities for the whole day

As generally the men proposes their partner on this wonderful occasion and the best way to propose your girlfriend is to plan some great activities for the whole day such as going for movie and shopping in the daytime and after that a candle light dinner, and keeping the proposal as a grand finale to a series of happy moments.

What your lover wants – A romantic proposal or a Happy proposal

As there are different types of people in  the world with different thinking, and in love too there are few categories who likes either a romantic proposal or a happy proposal.

If your girlfriend loves romance, then let her sink into a truly romantic setting, where it’s Frank Sinatra, sparkling wine, a cozy spot and all the works. And most importantly, it’s just the two of you. On the other hand, if your girlfriend would prefer a more fun day, followed by a romantic proposal, then hang out in fun places like amusement parks, watch movies, play pool or bowl, go bungee jumping or trekking.

Do all the works of a happy day, and sum it up with your loving proposal. When you propose to your sweetheart, remember, it’s all about her and how she feels. So make it her special day.

Always remember that the best way to propose to your girlfriend is not by picking ideas from other people, but by planning it around your girlfriend’s interests.