Modern Traditions of Valentines Day Celebration

In modern times our ways of celebrating the old festival of Valentine’s day have changed a lot. In the previous times and the old ages the celebrations related to Valentine’s Day were all associated with European Folk traditions i.e. which were related to Saint Valentine but later the other celebrations have taken prominence which are primarily related to romantic love or day of love in the current times. The festival has taken a more Anglo-American cultural makeover as it’s now the modern festival of love.

The recent trends of celebrating Valentines day include several modern day customs of giving greeting cards, chocolates, wine, gifts, rose flowers (especially red roses to indicate love, yellow for friendship, white for peace and so on), gift packages and so on. But this day is still associated with regional customs in England. In England the Norfolk celebrate Valentines day by spreading sweets and gifts amongst the children through a character called as Jack Valentine by knocking on the doors of everyone in their neighbourhood.

Modern Traditions of Valentines Day Celebration: An outlook on the old.

In ancient times in Rome the Valentines day was celebrated in a very different form. From February 13 to 15 a festival by the name of “Lupercalia” was celebrated. The festival was associated with fertility. It was later removed by Pope Gelasius I and they started celebrating the 14th of February as the day of “Purification of Mary” and this festival came to be associated with romantic love.

modern traditions of valentines day celebration
St. Valentine – Modern Valentine’s day celebrations!

During the ancient celebrations in the Lupercalia festival couples were formed from different groups of men and women and they used to select names from a jar which is even continued till this date as a modern age custom.

The festival of Valentines day has become a popular worldwide phenomenon in the modern times. People often find time to make this day special for their loved ones despite of modern life’s pressures and workloads. Many people plan a romantic getaway on this day or propose their loved one for the first time. The markets everywhere are full of Valentines day greeting cards, chocolate packs, angels, hearts, love birds, red roses, couples, Cupid with arrow and other several glimpses and indicators of romantic love! on Facebook | on Twitter | on Google plus!