Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Valentines Day is the festival of lovers. We bring to you the ultimate Happy Valentines Day Quotes, share them to your lovers and make these days the memorable moments of your life.

 When someone speaks of LOVE,
     They have a smile on their face.    

When someone speaks of LOVE,
     They think of a very special place.

When someone speaks of LOVE,
     It is done with fondness.

When someone speaks of LOVE,
     It is done in kindness.

When someone speaks of LOVE,
     It is not with dismay.

Won’t you ! speak of LOVE,
     and brighten someones day,

When I tell you I Love You

I don’t say it out of habit

or to make conversation.

I say it to remind you that

you’re the best thing that

ever happened to me.

Without a map,
you traversed a rocky terrain,
broke through the overgrowth

and made it to the remains.

Patiently and quietly,
you rebuilt the fortress,
to see the man inside
still awkward and nervous

You changed everything with
a simple smile
the ice started to melt
and I felt something
I hadn’t in a while

I fought against it,
remembering the hurt.
But was overpowered by
your love so strong and so true.

I get lost in your eyes,
feel at home in your embrace,
love to hear your voice,
and feel totally at home
in this place
we’ve only just begun to build

I’m looking forward
to all that we have in store
Happy Valentines Day