Fact Behind Valentines Day

The History behind the celebration of Valentines Day is associated with most popular early Christian saint named Saint Valentine or Valentinus.

The Fact behind Valentines Day is that once he sent to the prison as he was involved in the act of soldiers weddings who were not allowed to marry or mistreated in the Roman empire. He said goodbye to all before his end of life by writing a letter which was signed as “Your Valentine”. From then it was started celebrating as a Valentine’s Day on his last day to commemorate him. Now, it has become an official feast day for Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church. At some places it is celebrated on different dates (Eastern Orthodox Church on 6th of July and Bishop of Interamna on 30th of July).

During 18th century in England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards. Some of the people also present their handwritten valentines messages or greeting cards with valentine’s pictures.

St. Valentine
St. Valentine

Another fact behind valentines day celebration is; earlier the Christian martyrs were called as the Valentine who were honored and remembered on 14th of February every year. They were the Valentine of Rome, priests of Rome who were sacrificed and buried on the Via Flaminia a day whereas the Valentine of Terni, bishop of modern Terni who were martyred under the Emperor Aurelian and buried on the Via Flaminia a day. After their sacrifice their historical objects and remnants were kept in the Church to honor and remember. One of the Saint Valentine’s head was kept safely to the abbey of New Minster, Winchester to honor and worship. Now, it is continued to be celebrating as a St Valentine’s Day as an annual event in the variety of Christian denominations to commemorate the Christian martyrs.